Hot Therapy

Health Benefits of a Spa

Most people visit a spa for relieving stress and relaxation. However, there are many other health benefits associated with warm water therapy. Massage, heat, and buoyancy are the primary healing factors of the hot water treatment. They bring about a relaxing experience which helps in relieving stress.


Contributes to control arthritis

To the arthritis patients, soaking in a hot tub or a spa is the best relief. It helps in the loosening of the joints. Immersion in warm water helps to reduce the gravitational force which is compressing the joints. This plays a crucial role in decreasing inflammation, swelling and boosting of the blood circulation. Research has proved that this kind of therapy helps in the treatment of various musculoskeletal conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.


Management of sleep and stress

Endorphins which assist in reducing stress are usually released when the body is massaged by use oof hydrotherapy jets and warm water. This also helps in the dilation of blood vessels thus keeping headaches away. In case you are having troubles in staying asleep or falling asleep, taking a soak in a hot spa or hot tub before you head to bed help in easing the transition to enable you to get restorative sleep at night.



You should use a hot tub on a daily basis helps to lower the blood sugar and blood pressure to the desired levels resulting to a high quality of life. Research has shown that the process of hydrotherapy can be used to control the primary effects of diabetes. It also helps to reduce the blood sugar level by about ten to fifteen %.


Relieves muscle and joint pain

Athletes have used the method for many years in helping them to ease joint and muscle pain. In addition to relaxing and loosening the skin, hot therapy helps in increasing the blood circulation to the injured areas. It also enhances the flow of nutrients to the damaged areas which assist in the repair of the damage areas.


Helps to control cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis

Hot tubs and spas can help individuals with depression, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, scoliosis, bursitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also assists in giving you joint loosening and muscle relaxing benefits if you are suffering from a severe muscle disease cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

All these health benefits prove why you have to apply the hot therapy. You should relax your muscles, relieve the stress, and loosen your body joints.